An investigation into the theft of works by surrealist artist Santiago Ribeiro was opened by police officers from San Juan Capistrano, California, USA, under protocol number 23-034751.

The paintings were in the studio of an American artist.

Works by surrealist Santiago Ribeiro stolen in San Juan Capistrano, California

Recently, he has been the victim of a robbery in San Juan Capistrano, 
city in California with 4 works of art by the surrealist artist Santiago Ribeiro with an estimated value of 35 thousand dollars.

Due to the absence of the house owner, she is also an artist and a victim of this criminal act.

Ribeiro’s works had already toured several countries and several North American cities such as New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Mississippi, Indiana, and Denver, as well as exhibited on the giant screens of Nasdaq and Reuters Sign In in Times Square in New York as well as in many others. 

The stolen art of Santiago Ribeiro is presented below:  
Surreal Mass Production, value: 20000 Dollars, 70×50 cm, oil painting.
Feel Free, value: 6000 Dollars, 60×60 cm, oil painting.
Metropolis 5000, value: 15000 Dollars, 60×50 cm, oil painting.
Labyrinth, value: 8000 Dollars, 60×60 cm, oil painting.
Anyone with any information should contact the San Juan Capistrano Police Services, using this email: [email protected]
Portuguese surrealist artist Santiago Ribeiro is the mentor and promoter of the world’s largest surrealist exhibition of the 21st century, International Surrealism Now, his work has been exhibited globally, as well as in Berlin, Moscow, New York, Exhibition in Dallas, Los Angeles, Mississippi, Indiana, Denver, Warsaw, Saint Nantes, Paris, London, Vienna, Beijing, Florence, Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Lisbon, Belgrade, Montenegro, Romania, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Minsk, New Delhi, Jihlava (Czech Republic) and Caltagirone in Sicily and several cities in Portugal. Times Square in New York, USA has reported his exhibition information many times, and collectors have collected his works in many countries.