Vault Verify, a leader of outsourced employment and income verifications for HR departments across the U.S., has today announced a new product offering to ensure employee data protection. The Vault EDGe Gateway is a real-time API-based integration platform that, when connected to a company’s HCM platform, regulates data access, and enables a secure ecosystem for your HR tech stack.

The Vault EDGe Gateway setup can be completed in one day, utilizing publicly available APIs from all major HCM platforms. Once implemented, the HR labor burden of maintaining data file feeds for HR tech vendors is eliminated for good. The innovative approach automates and regulates the flow of data, such as employment records and payroll history. Only when an employer-sanctioned partner is granted access, the minimum required data is shared to facilitate their servicing of multiple outsourced HR functions. The data is extracted in real time, greatly improving accuracy and timeliness. Events such as new hires can trigger real-time notifications to those service providers that have related action items. With this controlled extraction based on an HR department’s upfront directives, there is no longer a need to share all employee data every pay period, which reduces employee data exposure risk and establishes future-proof compliance.

“The HR technology landscape, while vast and fragmented, shares one common theme – data is king,” states Tim Fessenden, CEO of Vault Verify. “However, despite notable improvements in technology, vendors are still utilizing arcane methods such as flat files to gain access to their customers’ sensitive data. In an age of heightened consumer and employee privacy, these antiquated methods create risk and liability for both the employer and vendor. With the Vault EDGe Gateway, employers can eliminate those risks by supporting one secure, fully auditable, API-based integration through which all sanctioned vendors can access employee records.”

Vault Verify has established partnerships with technology vendors offering a broad range of HR automation solutions, including but not limited to Unemployment Claims, Tax Credits, I-9, Background Screening, and Benefits Administration.  The Vault EDGe Gateway is the only solution in the industry that enables an employer to choose “best of breed” solutions, assembling a portfolio of services aligned with secure, pinpoint, real-time data extracted from the client’s HCM platform. Sensitive HR records will only be available to these vendors when sanctioned by the employer. This modern approach makes data compliance completely auditable, with data access logs available in a client portal for all services using the Vault EDGe Gateway.

“Vault Verify’s capability to grant employer-permissioned access to real-time employee data is a game-changer,” says Josh Unfried, Director of Partnerships for Mitratech. “This seamless integration not only streamlines processes and enhances program compliance, but also ensures 100% transparency and optimal data privacy for employees. Mitratech takes pride in collaborating with a partner that aligns with our commitment to establishing new benchmarks for efficiency and privacy in the continually evolving realm of employee data management.”

The Vault EDGe Gateway is available today to Vault Verify clients, and HR tech industry partnerships continue to expand. Those Interested in learning more about the Vault EDGe Gateway and the new tech partnership model are encouraged to visit

About Vault Verify

Vault Verify creates value for HR by establishing a real-time API integration with all major HCM platforms. The Vault EDGe Gateway eliminates mass offsite data storage and provides up-to-the-second accurate information. We offer a completely free, automated employment and income verification platform for employers of all sizes coupled with the highest level of data privacy and security. Our clients eliminate labor costs, reduce data exposure risk, and receive a unique revenue-share model to provide funding for other HR projects. Many “best of breed” HR technology vendors now access data securely through the Vault EDGe Gateway. If it is time to rethink your employee data protection, we would like to show you a better model.

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