There are so many ways to give back. From volunteering your time to fundraising, there’s a lot to choose from. If you’re looking to make an impact but aren’t sure where to start, here are some options:

Volunteer your time

One of the most straightforward ways to give back is volunteering your time. Finding causes and organizations that match your values can help motivate you to get involved. Consider giving a few hours a week (or month) to an organization that aligns with your interests and beliefs, whether you’re tutoring students at a nearby elementary school, walking dogs at a local animal shelter, cleaning up beaches, or coaching a little league team.

Offer your expertise and skills

Some smaller organizations depend on volunteers to provide specialized knowledge, so your unique skills can help little organizations out in big ways. Consider sharing your talents with nonprofits looking for assistance in areas like marketing strategy, writing, accounting advice, or legal counsel.

Become a mentor

Mentoring can be a great way to give back while making new connections. Mentorship programs provide the opportunity to share your experiences and advice with those who have similar interests—whether it’s helping high school students prepare for college, connecting young entrepreneurs with resources and guidance, or advising someone in your profession.

Make calls and texts

Many organizations ask volunteers to make calls and texts to spread information about their cause. You can volunteer your time to raise awareness about important issues and even contact elected officials about legislation. Texting and calling can typically be done from home, so it’s often a good idea for people who don’t have a ton of time to volunteer.

Donate money and goods

Monetary donations are a great way to support organizations and causes you care about. Donating money can make a direct impact and can help fund critical initiatives. Consider setting up automatic monthly or annual donations.

Many organizations also accept items such as clothing, furniture, canned goods, books, and toys. Just check with an organization to find out what kinds of donations they’re interested in receiving and what condition the items should be in.


Fundraising can be a great way to make a direct impact. There are many ways to fundraise—you can volunteer to work at a fundraiser or even host one in your own home. Many organizations have fun runs or other events you can participate in that have a fundraising element. Taking part in these events can allow you to raise money while also spreading awareness.

Make a cause part of your legacy

Finally, consider leaving something to an organization or cause that’s important to you. This can ensure you make an impact even after you’re gone. You can leave them something in your will or even make them a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Permanent life insurance policies like whole life insurance, with their guaranteed death benefit, are particularly suited to this.

Source: iQuanti