With peoples’ personalities as vast as imaginable, scrutinizing tenants to take up occupancy in your rental property can be quite a hassle. Seemingly responsible applicants could turn out to be hostile tenants that could harm your property or even depreciate its value. How do you filter the good ones from the bunch? This article highlights some handy tips on identifying the ideal tenant – from filling out the application form to the early occupancy phase. Also, if you are a potential tenant hoping for a hitch-free occupancy and relationship with your landlord, here are some tips. 

– Filling Out The Application Form

A lot can be deduced from a potential tenant’s personality and status as early as during the application process. Chances are those who appropriately fill out their application and supply all the necessary proofs/information are conscientious and have a remarkable sense of responsibility. It also strongly suggests that they can make payments and care for the property. Property Management, Howard County, suffices in moderating this process if you own a rental property in the area.

– Other Landlords’ Feedback

Another telltale sign of the nature of the potential tenant you will be housing lies in the feedback you get from their previous landlords. If there is a consistent trend of stellar recommendations and positive remarks, chances are they will be good tenants that will maintain the property and pay on time. If otherwise, that might be a red flag. Gain access to online spaces and offline archives where landlords divulge information about tenants. Again, Howard County Property Management services could help if your property is in the area.

– Timely Payment of Rents

From the first few months of occupancy, the frequency and the timeliness of rent payments give away the nature of your tenant. The ideal tenant pays in a timely, regular manner. When they are in a bit of a financial fix, they properly communicate this to you beforehand and promptly keep to agreements they may have made after the phase passes. A tenant who abruptly stops payment or pays haphazardly from the outset is a sign of trouble for you and your property.

– Proper Communication and Proper Maintenance

The ideal tenant properly maintains the property and sets things right when certain things go awry. In addition, they routinely inspect different parts of their property, keep their environment tidy, and report seemingly uneventful anomalies before they culminate in money-gulping severe problems for their landlord. The ideal tenant also cultivates a healthy, friendly relationship with their landlord. This helps them relate better and communicate important info quickly and more efficiently.


A good tenant steers clear of socially questionable activities on your property that threaten safety and also adheres to the legislation upheld by authorities in the area.

Property management is essential for sustenance and the hitch-free thriving of your rented property, particularly in your absence or remoteness. If you own any rental property within the county and want the best tenants and management for your property, contact us at Howard County Property Management today!