Irrigation is one aspect of home maintenance that you’ll always need. If your landscape is overwatered, it becomes so messy that you can’t spend time on your lawn in the evenings. On the other hand, if your landscape is underwatered, your lawn grass will become dehydrated and yellow, then eventually die.

But as important as it is to irrigate your landscape, it’s even more important to use the most suitable irrigation type. If not, you may do more harm than good to your landscape.

Since over 80 Houston irrigation services offer different types of irrigation, you should know the most suitable type for your landscape before paying for them.

Here are the types of irrigation used for landscape:

– Sprinkler Irrigation

In Houston and beyond, sprinkler irrigation is probably the most common type. This type is used in different landscapes, from very large farms and commercial lawns to residential lawns.

As the name suggests, sprinklers are installed with pipes that help water flow to sprinkler heads. These sprinkler heads, in turn, release the water in a controlled spray. There are different sizes and patterns of sprinkler heads, which bring about varying amounts of water in various directions. Sprinkler heads can be controlled to sprinkle water over either large or small radii.

Aside from spreading water, sprinklers can also be used to spread pesticides over a specific area. Sprinklers can be used for any type of soil. They are so popular because they are so easy to operate.

– Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is mostly used for gardens and flower beds rather than large lawns.

Drip irrigation uses pipes with tiny openings to ‘drip’ water slowly over the soil. The pipes are usually placed close to plants to supply water adequately.

This type of irrigation supplies water over the surface of the soil. The drip irrigation design makes it more effective to suit plants’ peculiar needs, suit climate conditions, and waste much less water. This method ensures that plants don’t get too much water. Also, since drip irrigation wastes less water, it is more environmentally friendly.

– Blended Irrigation 

You’ve probably guessed that this type combines sprinkler and drip irrigation types- well, you’re right. However, other customized types of irrigation may also be incorporated into this combination.

The type of combination depends on the exact needs of the soil or lawn. For example, you could use drip irrigation for a part of your lawn that needs a low but constant water supply, while you use sprinkler irrigation for another part of the lawn, depending on your landscape.

Blended irrigation in Houston is more particular in giving every inch of your landscape full attention.

Which Type Is The Best?

The most suitable type of irrigation for your landscape depends on the landscape itself and a few other factors like climate.

Drip irrigation may be your surest bet if you have a small garden; you may need blended irrigation if you have a wide landscape with different plants and soil types.

Wrapping Up

There is no ‘standard option’ when it comes to landscape irrigation. The good thing is that you don’t have to figure it all out alone. Our skilled professionals are just one call away!