If you’ve run out of motivation to keep climbing the corporate ladder, don’t worry—it’s perfectly normal to feel short on motivation at times. Use these tips to see if this is just a rough patch or if it’s time to make some bigger changes.

Revisit your motivations

When you’re feeling unmotivated, it’s worth taking another look at what’s been pushing you all this time. If you’ve been climbing the ladder toward a dream job and find your progress stagnating, it could be an opportunity to reassess your goals and whether you’re taking sufficient steps to reach them.

Consider speaking with a mentor and seeing what lessons you can glean from their career journey; chances are, you’ll be able to learn a thing or two from how they got where they are. Perhaps more useful, speaking with someone who has just been promoted from your level can provide the inspiration you need to break out of your rut.

Request a change in responsibilities

It could be that your current obligations and responsibilities are no longer engaging or challenging to fulfill. If so, try speaking to your supervisor about a shift in responsibilities within your role. If your frustrations stem from your tasks being inefficient or out of sync with your role’s objectives, this can be a good opportunity to propose responsibilities more aligned with the company’s objectives.

Think about mentoring

Remember how approaching a mentor can be a good way to get some inspiration? Being a mentor can be just as invigorating for your career. Becoming a mentor might not just expand your network but also potentially give you a new perspective on your own career path.

Consider a lateral move

In some organizations, changing responsibilities within your current role simply isn’t possible. Maybe your position just doesn’t offer the prospects for advancement you need. If any of this sounds familiar, consider making a lateral move, switching to a position on the same level in a different department or a different organization. When you’re facing a motivational crisis, a lateral move can offer access to a different path.

Consider a career switch

Maybe you’re experiencing more than a temporary lack of motivation or unstimulating job responsibilities. Maybe you’ve already tried to revitalize your interest in your job but can’t bring yourself to feel motivated. If this is the case, it might be time to consider embarking on a new career. Risking a new start can be scary, so try to assess whether the unknown is scarier than staying where you are.

As you consider other job prospects, don’t forget to take potential changes in compensation into account. Salaries in a new industry can be very different. Keep an eye on benefits, like employer-matching for retirement savings accounts, health insurance, dental insurance, or group life insurance (remember, this is different from your individual policy, like whole life insurance).

The bottom line

Whatever you choose to do, it’s important not to feel guilty about being bored with your job; instead, take it as a sign that you’re growing beyond your day-to-day routine. See if a shift in perspective or responsibilities is what you need to reacquire your motivation, or if the time has come for bigger changes.

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